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The Flames of Love

Amazon top seller in poetry

Some of my readers say I have journeyed to the secret garden, where the Divine Masculine and Feminine rejoice in union, ignited by the celebration of their love.


In The Flames of Love, I use the language of love to convey that this secret garden is not an ephemeral fairy tale; rather it exists in the space between, which resides within us all. Where the great love story lives on, to ignite our own.

Through my poetry I expand the appreciation of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and remind readers where the flames of true love reside, knowing that this love is eternal, and can never be extinguished. 

I hope The Flames of Love will spark your imagination; the infinite space where lovers' passion cannot be contained.

Poet's inspiration for The Real You

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Listen to the poem, The Real You, from The Flames of Love, read by the poet Suhail Mirza. 

The Real YouSuhail Mirza
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What people say

This poetry is more than words. For those who are open, it is an opportunity to reunite with your beloved, over and over again. Nourished by Suhail’s alchemy, this book will spark your imagination; the infinite space where lovers’ passion cannot be contained.

AJ Beaber , Texas, USA

Suhail Mirza is a Modern day Rumi! His Poetry takes you to a place of unconditional Love and passion that everyone deserve to have! Suhail's poetry touches me on a very deep level and he writes it straight from his beautiful heart.

Lisa Ferrin, California, USA

Prose that has been weaved with emotions, passion, love and cosmic secrets. A delight to read, an adventure to experience!

Nida K., Washington DC, USA

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