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About Suhail Mirza

The man and the poet

Suhail Mirza

A few years ago Suhail was faced with a crisis of meaning and despite all the trappings of worldly success his despair led him to question the value of his existence.


Only when he rediscovered the timeless principles of Traditional Wisdom could his own personal transformation begin. This lead him to write the stunning spiritual guide, Many Mansions,  a book loved by readers from around  the world and which became a top Three title in Amazon’s spirituality charts.

His latest book, The Flames of Love, contains the poetry (likened by many to Rumi) of Divine Love. Suhail himself says the poems come from a heart that was  plunged onto The Path of Love after experiencing  the “deepest dark night of the soul” and an emotional shattering that threatened his very sense of self. 


Suhail has been interviewed both live on BBC Radio London’s Inspirit programme and also by BBC Radio oxford about his mystical writing. He has also appeared on Alena Chapman’s 30 Minute Moments radio show in the USA.

Suhail Mirza grew up in East London, graduated in law from the London School of Economics and worked as an employment rights lawyer, where he represented those facing discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace. He later went into recruitment, wrote the acclaimed book Meet the CEO and still serves as City Editor for the leading trade journal  Recruitment International. 


Suhail divides his time between Kent (the Garden of England) and London. He has also spent much time in Andalusia which he describes as his “spiritual home”.

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