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The Flames of Love

Now available as an audiobook!

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The Flames of Love is a a collection of of mystical love poetry that focuses on the union of the mind, body and soul. It leads to a higher state of consciousness, a place where you experience the depths of all-embracing love from which only spiritual growth can come. 


This eclectic collection of poetry takes you on a journey of love, as it explores the nature and life of love through a mystical lens. From reflecting on its many forms, to examining the ways in which we can transform our lives using its many energies. Great for those that are newly on their spiritual paths as well as those who have been on it for decades, The Flames of Love is a must-have addition to any book shelf.

Balancing Rocks

Many Mansions

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In this beautifully written book by Suhail Mirza, acclaimed mystical writer and poet, you will learn how to move from a place of meaninglessness and your own, “dark night of the soul”, to one of joyous purposefulness through unveiling the Light within your heart. You'll discover how leading with your Light you make Love and Truth the foundations of all your relationships and most importantly the one with your true self.


Many Mansions unveils the timelessness of Traditional Wisdom, through Suhail’s inimitable heartfelt writing, and shares 10 key steps that will allow you to also undertake the path of knowledge, path of action and path of love; leading to a rediscovery of who we truly are, our place in Creation and how we are each uniquely brave as well as beautiful enough to deserve bountiful joy.

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