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My Journey

 How my “dark night of the soul” opened the Path of Love

Suhail Mirza

In my book “Many Mansions” I shared my journey from a place of desolation and despair to the reclamation of the Light that shines within each of us. It was a journey that brought me home ; to the Eternal that is our Origin and our Essence.

So many readers from around the world have been kind enough to contact me and say how the book has given them hope in their own times of crisis. These comments and the book’s success (becoming a top three on Amazon’s Spirituality listing ) has been so humbling and nourishing to my soul.


My dark night of the soul
Yet some readers have asked for the details about the “dark night of the soul” that led to my transformative spiritual journey. At that time my book could not reveal this. However in honour to these requests, the imperative of self authenticity and due to profound changes in my own life I want now to unveil that truth; for it is from the Path of Love that poetry flowed.

While the suffering of an innocent initially prompted my crisis of Faith, it was the betrayal of my heart and particularly its aftermath, that was the “darkest night”. That betrayal led to the breakdown of my marriage of many years and an emotional shattering as profound as I could have imagined. The depth of despair lead me to be broken at the core of my being. Even to my questioning my own value.

Yet at the moment when rationality might have insisted that I pull up the drawbridge to my heart in self preservation; my spiritual journey simply plunged me onto the Path of Love. That path that lead me to break further the vessels of my heart and share the love within as fully as I possibly could. Ultimately in my personal life  this has not lead to my marriage being saved, an outcome for which I had hoped, even amidst the pain of a broken heart.

Yet I would not turn back the hands of time. From the “hell” of that emotional shattering and desolation I found the “heaven” that is our true abode of existence. That “heaven” which transcends spatial and temporal boundaries. For that “heaven” is found within ourselves.


The path of love
Through that darkest despair I was lead to the language of love. It was from that Path of Love that I was able to reclaim the Light that shines above and within.  I finally learned that I, like each of us, is beautiful and deserving of the Divine Love for which our heart perennially yearns in this created realm. No matter the pain and disappointments we have endured. Yet still we must seek that reunion with the twin with whom we stood in pre-eternity.

I do, however, confess that I remain humbled to find myself the conveyance for the poetry of Divine Love’s journey. Yet I can see now that this was to be essential in honouring my reclamation of the exquisite balance of  Divine Femininity and Divine Masculinity which has a central place in Traditional Wisdom. The poems have simply “revealed” themselves in visions of my heart and I have sought , no doubt imperfectly but sincerely, to capture the beauty of that Imaginal world in the words of each poem. 

As the wonderful AJ Beaber states, in her gracious Foreword in The Flames of Love, Love is Eternal and can never be extinguished. Ultimately it is the only true Reality. It is our true identity.

~ Suhail Mirza ~

There are still those of us that recall a different time; when promises made were meant to abide. When simply the glimpse of a woman’s eyes remained a man’s greatest prize... When to honour, cherish and adore her, was what men understood love was meant for.

Suhail Mirza, The Flames of Love

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