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Many Mansions

Amazon Top Seller and top 3 Kindle Edition

Start your journey of self-discovery

It's never too late to transform your life, provided you are prepared to be self-authentic and courageous enough to shed the veils of deceit within and around you.


By leading with your Light you make Love and Truth the foundations of all your relationships and most importantly the one with your true self.


Using 10 steps you will undertake the path of knowledge, path of action and path of love; leading to a rediscovery of who we truly are, our place in Creation and how we are each uniquely brave as well as beautiful enough to deserve bountiful joy.

Journey from darkness to Light...

Listen to Many Mansions for free

Enjoy this free sample from the audio version of Many Mansions, which will be released later this year, spoken by the author, Suhail Mirza.  

Many Mansions - IntroductionSuhail Mirza
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Suhail is a refreshing and wise spiritual writer and voice, much like Rumi or Hafiz. his writings not only teach, they support and expand consciousness, with a beautiful, poetic flow. 

Suhail's exceptional scholarly background and words leave my heart more open and full to gain greater understanding of the Divine.

Alexandra Sofia, Relationship Strategist, California, USA

Suhail is one of my spiritual heroes. He inspires me with his generosity, the breadth of his knowledge, his compassion for others and his humility and his sincerity.


We do well to listen to what he has to say. 

Mark Muesse, Professor of Religious Studies and Philosophy, Rhodes College, Memphis Tennessee, USA

I love that I have in Suhail's platforms another place of refuge. A place where I can go for comfort and reflection. Suhail most definitely encourages readers and followers to truly go within to examine their consciousness. 

This can be uncomfortable but most certainly that is where my spiritual journey, enlightenment and awakening begins. 

Wyn Duraes, Sussex, UK

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