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Discover how to reignite the passion and intimacy in your relationship.

Join AJ Beaber and Suhail Mirza 

LIVE online and learn how divine feminine and masculine energy work in harmony to transform your life and Fire Up Your February!



Do you want to reignite passion and intimacy in your relationship?
Do you find it hard to trust your partner because of past experience?
If you're single, do you struggle to develop an intimate relationship?
Do you want to be in a positive relationship but don't know how?

Don't miss this free LIVE event!

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Watch live on AJ Beaber's Facebook page on

Thursday 28 January

1pm (CST) / 7pm (GMT)



"My experience working with AJ was life changing, to say the least! I received many hidden gifts within the coaching I hadn't expected but were huge catalysts in shifting my beliefs. From that space, my relationships have transformed! I am thrilled and grateful to have these tools with me for the rest of my life."
Amy V. / AJ Beaber Ignite the Light Student

"I learned my relationship was missing the balance of my own masculine and feminine energies. This course introduced them back to one another in a powerful way! Now I can tap into this Light anytime to rebalance myself and therefore my relationship...This course is brilliant! I encourage every woman to take this course!"

Sandra M. / AJ Beaber Ignite the Light Student

"After 41 years of marriage I found out my husband was cheating on me. 

I was so angry and never thought at the age of 62 I would ever find another man.

Working with AJ completely transformed my beliefs! Shortly after finishing the program I met my soulmate. We were married a year later.


I learned true love is possible even at my age, because I learned to love myself.

Wish I had these tools earlier in life. Every woman should have these tools!"

Deborah D. / AJ Beaber Ignite the Light Student

           “Suhail Mirza is a Modern-day Rumi! His Poetry takes you to a place of unconditional Love and passion that everyone deserves to have! Suhail's poetry touches me on a very deep level and he writes it straight from his beautiful heart.”

Lisa F./ The Flames of Love By Suhail Mirza

"I love that I have in Suhail's platforms another place of refuge. A place where I can go for comfort and reflection. Suhail most definitely encourages readers and followers to truly go within to examine their consciousness. This can be uncomfortable but most certainly that is where my spiritual journey, enlightenment and awakening begins." 

Wyn D. / Many Mansions By Suhail Mirza

"Suhail's poetry makes my mind relax and get lost in what is the essence of the Divine; Love. I look forward to reading every one of his poems and connection with the words that allow me to open my heart."

Leigh M. / The Flames of Love By Suhail Mirza

Discover how to reignite the passion and intimacy in your relationship.

AJ Beaber

AJ Beaber is an author, public speaker, and educator in personal growth and development for women. Founder and creator of the Ignite the Light System, AJ helps women across the globe enjoy more passion, connection and co-creation in their intimate relationships.


In her novel, You & I, Inc., AJ reveals her discovery of the link between sexuality and spirituality. She shares her message of tapping into this unseen energy source and discovering life's limitless possibilities.


Suhail Mirza

Suhail Mirza is a London based author, poet and inner wellness coach. A few years ago Suhail was faced with a crisis of meaning and despite all the trappings of worldly success his despair led him to question the value of his existence. Only when he rediscovered the timeless principles of Traditional Wisdom did his own personal transformation begin.

His latest book, The Flames of Love, contains the poetry, likened by many to Rumi, of Divine Love. 

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