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Suhail Mirza Poet

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The Flames of Love

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Ocean of Love - Suhail Mirza

''Love is Eternal and can never be extinguished. Ultimately it is the only true Reality. It is our true identity''

Delve into this journey towards timeless love


The Flames of Love

Top seller in Amazon poetry.

 A collection of love poetry about the divine love journey and the timeless principles of traditional wisdom.


Many Mansions

Top 3 Kindle book.

Learn the secret to living a joyous life using Traditional Wisdom to unveil the Light within your heart.

Poetry Book


Ignite your flame.

Get your free poems from The Flames of Love and start your journey of divine love and desire. 

Divine feminine as the path to true masculinity. 

"There are still those of us that recall a different time; when promises made were meant to abide. When simply the glimpse of a woman's eyes remained a man's greatest prize...When to honour, cherish and adore her, was what men understood love was meant for."

Suhail Mirza

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